Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Sales Reps (or any user) place orders?

A) Reps can go to the orders page.
B) Enter customer.
C) Add items to cart.
D) Make sure cart is correct and select payment terms.
E) Select delivery address, delivery date and place order.

2. What are the different user roles in Repsorder?

  • Admin - Account Owner
  • Co Admin - Can see all data in the platform
  • Sales Manager - Can see all data pertaining to themselves and Sales Reps beneath them
  • Sales Rep - Can order for their customers. Can be managed by a Sales Manager/Admin/Or Co Admin

3. How do commission tags work?

An admin can create a commission tag based on specific products, categories, or the entire store.
For example a commission tag can be either:
  • 5% for Product A, Product C, Product H
  • 7% for Category G
  • 20% for Entire Store.
An admin will tag the rep with the specific commission tag. If the rep has a commission tag and orders something that falls in the commission rules, they will receive commission credit for the order.
Example of setting up a commission tag
Commission tags can be assigned to Sales Reps/Managers or customers.
If the commission tag is on the customer, it will override the commission on the Sales Rep.
**Commission is calculated when the order is placed in Repsorder.
**If the price of a product is changed in the Shopify draft order, the commission % will stay the same but the price of the product will change and thus the overall commission will change.

4. What if a Sales Rep or customers has multiple commission tags?

If two commissions overlap, they will be added together. The most commission a rep can get is 100% based on the entire order.
In the example below 5Com is 5% commission and 20Com is 20% commission. Since they are both on the entire store, they overlap so the total commission is 5%+ 2-% = 25%.

5. Can Commissions ever be greater then the order amount?

We calculate commission by:
(Product price) x (commission %)
Shopify allows merchants to discount based on the order total (and specific item too). If the discount for the order total is high, the commission may be more then the final order.
For example if the item is $39 and commission is 10%
$39 x 10% = $9 commission
If the total order is discounted by $35, then the order total will be only $4 (which is less then the $9 commission)
If you discount at the item level, the commission will be greater then the order total. For example the discount for the item is $9, so the item is now $30.
$30 x 10% = 3.

6. Who can add commission tags?

Any user with Add Commission permission.

7. What if I change my commission % in the future?

If you change the commission %, any new orders that have the commission tag will receive the new %.
Previous orders will show the old commission % at the time when the order was placed in Repsorder.

8. How quickly is order data synced?

Generally, order data syncs within a few seconds. However, It typically depends on how quickly the Shopify Webhook responds. The sync may take up to 1-2 minutes maximum.

9. Does commission by customer show all commissions?

This will show all commissions for orders that are marked as paid.
It does not include commissions that are pending sales (draft orders). Also it does not include sales outside of the Repsorder system.

10. How do commissions work when a commission tag is enabled/disabled?

Reps will only receive commission credit if the tag is enabled when they place the order in Repsorder. If the tag is disabled before the order is 'marked as paid' or 'marked as pending' in Shopify, the commission will still be credited to the sales rep.
If a commission tag is disabled when an order is placed in Repsorder, the rep will not receive commission. If the commission tag is enabled and then the order is 'marked as paid' or 'marked as pending' in Shopify, the commission will still not be credited to the sales rep.
If a commission tag is added after an order is placed in Repsorder, the rep will not receive commission. If the commission tag is added and then the order is 'marked as paid' or 'marked as pending' in Shopify, the commission will still not be credited to the sales rep.

11. Can I delete Sales Reps?

Yes go to the ‘Sales Reps’ tab and hit the trashcan next to the specific Sales Rep you would wish to delete. There will be a warning message asking you to confirm. After they will not be able to access your organization.

12. What are the different User Permissions a user may have?

13. Do you sync customer data with Shopify.

Yes we sync customer data with Shopify.
However if the customer does not have an email attached to them in Shopify, we will not sync that to Repsorder.

14. How do I add customers directly from Repsorder?

Go to "Customers" section. Click "Add Customer" and add the relevant information.
**User must have "Add Customer" permission.

15. What type of payment terms can each customer have?

You can enable these terms for each customer
  • Net 15
  • Net 30
  • Net 60
  • Pay when ordered
  • None
If you need another payment term, please email us [email protected]

16. Who can order for customers?

Anyone in the system can order for a customer.
You can setup permissions so reps or managers only see customers assigned to them.

17. What happens if I select "Assign All Sales Rep" to a customer?

The customer will belong to all reps, manager, admin, co admin.
Anyone can order for a customer who has been assigned to all reps.

18. How do I create a permissions so my reps only see customers assigned to them?

In the customer section, make sure that customer is assigned to that specific rep.

19. What happens if I assign a rep to a specific manager?

The manager will be able to see the order data and analytics for the rep.

20. Can Sales Managers add new sales reps?

Yes as long as the have the Add permission for Sales Reps.

21. What type of discounts can I offer?

Discount Group - Offer a specific % to the entire store or specific products or specific categories.
Individual Discount - Set specific prices to specific products.

22. Can discounts be combined?

Only 1 discount can be used on a customer. If a customer has two discount tags, it will only apply the higher discount to the customer.

23. How does Individual Discounts work?

If you'd like to make a product a specific price as opposed to 20% off, individual discount is perfect.
Individual discount will take the discount tag and override the % off discount with the price you set.
1) Select discount tag
2) Enter the specific price you'd like for the product to be
3) Add discount tag to customer (so discount will apply to them).

24. How long is the duration of a discount?

  • Indefinitely
  • Specific Dates
  • Next X amount of orders per customers

25. Can the 'Next' orders per customer discount be edited?

No, once the 'Next' duration is selected, it cannot be edited.

26. When ordering, is there a way to tell what discount or commission tag is being used?

Yes we show the discount and commission tag assign to the customer on the order form.
Hover over the tag next to the customer name.

27. When I place an order in Repsorder, where does the order data go?

It will go as a draft order (since it has not been paid yet) in your Shopify Dashboard.

28. How do I know which draft orders came from Repsorder and which rep placed it?

When an order is placed in Repsorder, a confirmation is sent to the Admin, Sales Rep who placed the order, and customer.
In the Additional Details section of the Draft Order (inside Shopify), we will display the Rep and that it came from Repsorder.

29. How does Re Order feature work?

A) Go to Order list view and click on Order ID
B) Click on Re Order in top right
C) The items and their quantity purchased for that order will be there. You can do either or all:
  1. 1.
    Re Order all with the same quantity
  2. 2.
    Add to cart which specific items you'd like and change their quantity
  3. 3.
    Go to Order Form
And then checkout :)

30. In Commission Analytics, what is the difference between Order v Pending Order, Sales v Pending Sales, Commission v Pending Commissions.

If the order is placed and has not been paid for yet, it will be Pending. The Order #, Sales amount and Commission will all be Pending.
Once the order is Paid, it will be counted as a true Order, Sale, Commission.

31. How do I calculate Commission by Profit or Margin?

As an admin, go to the Settings and check the "Commission by Margin" box
When setting up a commission tag, make sure the box is checked
In your Shopify Admin dashboard, make sure to have the cost of the item set up.
When Repsorder calculates the commission for an order, it will know the final price of the item and cost of the item so will give commission based on the margin.
For example:
  • Item is $39
  • Cost per item is $5
  • Commission is 17%
  • Commission for the rep on the item will be ($39-$5) X 17% = $5.95

32. I need a feature, I don't see?

We are always adding more value and features :).
Please email us at [email protected] with the request and we will let you know if we are working on it or can add it.

33. What are your normal support hours?

Our support hours are Monday - Friday 9am EST to 5pm EST.

34. How to delete/uninstall the app?

Go to the apps section of your Shopify Dashboard. Click on the trashcan next to the app.
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